what is sustainability event?

A sustainable event is one that minimizes its environmental, social, and economic impacts while maximizing positive outcomes. Here are few key focuses to describe a sustainable event :

1. Environmental

Conserve Energy, using the latest energy sources will also be efficient

2. Social

Support local communities, collaborate with local vendor 

3. Economic

Invest in long-term sustainability, development of a long-term strategy for continuous innovation

Ensuring that resources are used in such a way that future generation will also be able to continue using them. When it comes to sustainability in the events industry, this involve taking a step back and assessing how event impacts the environment and exploring alternative ways of running events to reduce its impact.

Sustainability in KPI


  Local cathering / Local food

Local food provider

Waste minimization

No plastic bottle

Paperless administration

Re-use plastic tag


Support local communities

Collaborate with local vendor 


Invest in long-term sustainability

Development of a long-term strategy for continuous innovation


Technology based coordination by Trello

Website information

Social media promotion

Online self registration

Electronic technical meeting



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