Tour Package


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Tour Package 

Tour Package or tour package is a series of activity plans compiled from fixed tourist components at a certain price. Tour Package is an important part of the tourism industry that is directly related to the quality and satisfaction of tourists. Tour Package Competition is a competition that aims to test the ability and skills of participants in developing sustainable tour packages with the theme "Green Retreat Challenge" where participants create tour packages that prioritize environmentally friendly practices by implementing 3 (three) sustainable pillars, consisting of environmental, social and cultural, and economic aspects. This package aims to increase the positive impact and emphasize the negative impact of tourism.

Duration : 25 minutes

Venue : Teleconference Gedung H lt.3

Contact Person : +62 851-7201-8861 (Bilqis Sayyidatin Alya)

Deadline : April 03, 2024 (Batch 1)

  April 30,  2024 (Batch 2)

Live review : 16 Mei 2024

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